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Q: Do you have a minimum processing charge?

A: We don’t have any mimimum charges for processing hallmarked items. For anything that requires a melt and assay then our minimum quantites and...Read more

Q: How do I trade in my scrap?

A: To ensure your scrap is safely returned to us we have four methods of collection :  Add one of our FREE scrap pots or scrap bags, then simply post it...Read more

Q: How do you charge for scrap services?

A: Our charges vary based on: Quantity of materials supplied The assay type - make up of gold, silver, platinum etc. The processes we have to useFor further...Read more

Q: What are the latest metal prices?

A: Our latest scrap prices are available online and updated twice a day. Visit our Metal Prices page to find out more.     ...Read more

Q: What type of materials do you treat?

A: We treat thousands of pounds worth of scrap metal items every day. We can provide valuations for: Unwanted or damaged jewellery, including watch...Read more

Q: How much does your scrap pot weigh?

A: Our scrap pot weighs around 80-85g ...Read more

Q: What are the settlement terms for the Cooksongold scrap service?

A: Our settlement terms are flexible and allow us to pay you by: Cash Bank transfer Credited to your Cooksongold Metal Account or Cooksongold credit...Read more

Q: How long will it take to process my scrap?

A: We try to turn around jobs as quickly as possible. Our aim is to process:   Clean and Hallmarked Scrap Within 24 hours Assay Bars Within 24 hours...Read more

Q: Can I watch my scrap being melted?

A: Yes, you can watch your scrap being melted. If you'd like to arrange this please contact us prior to sending your scrap or bringing it in-store.  ...Read more

Q: Why choose Cooksongold to process my scrap?

A: We have over 100 years of experience in valuing, melting and assaying precious metal scrap and use a state of the art facility in the heart of...Read more

Q: How do I order a scrap pot?

A: If you have scrap to trade in, you can get a FREE* scrap pot from Cooksongold by clicking here. You will also need to download a scraps return label ...Read more