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Q: Do you offer a student discount?

A: We offer a student discount across selected items on our site. How to apply for Student Discount Create an account then complete our application form...Read more

Q: How do I apply for a credit account?

A: You can apply for a credit account by filling out the attached Credit Account application form and emailing it to info@cooksongold.com ...Read more

Q: Do I need to be a company to register?

A: No, we accept orders from individuals as well as companies. Just ensure when you register that you fill in all fields that are marked with a red asterisk (...Read more

Q: I am an existing customer, how do I purchase online?

A: If you've placed an order with us before via our contact centre, or at one of our trade counters, you are more than welcome to order online. Please...Read more

Q: How do I pay using my Cooksongold Credit Account?

A: When registering ensure you complete the 'Existing Cookson Account No' box with your existing number i.e. 001B123456 (found on previous invoices)....Read more

Q: Can I add an address to my account in another country?

A: At present, we can only allow delivery addresses on an account that match the same country as the main address on the account. For example, if you setup...Read more

Q: How do I delete my account?

A: If you wish to delete your Cooksongold account - please email us...Read more

Q: How can I delete a despatch address?

A: Please contact us to delete any old despatch addresses....Read more

Q: Can I change my email address?

A: Yes. In order to change the email address on your account, simply login with your existing email address and password and go to Personal Details under My...Read more

Q: Will Brexit affect my account with Cooksongold?

A: Whilst there is a new trade agreement with the EU which came into force on the 1st January 2021, please bear with us as we deal with the outcome of Brexit...Read more

Q: Can I change my account details?

A: You can amend your name, email address, main billing address and contact telephone numbers on your account. Simply login and click on Personal Details...Read more

Q: Do you wholesale to other businesses?

A: Yes we do, get in touch with us to set up a trade account, specific for wholesale.  ...Read more

Q: Can I add a new address to my account?

A: Yes! You can add a new delivery or billing address during the checkout process. Please note any new addresses MUST be in the same country as the main...Read more

Q: How can I sign up to receive emails from you?

A:   You can receive emails that will tell you all about our latest offers and deals two ways: You can signup to our mailing list but please take...Read more

Q: I am having trouble finding where to enter the VAT number on my account- where do I go ?

A: You enter the VAT number on the Registration form. Please ensure you enter just the numbers with no spaces. To add onto an existing account, click on '...Read more

Q: Can I amend the cardholder address?

A: To amend your personal details, including email, password and cardholder address, login and visit the Personal Details page. You will be able to amend a...Read more

Q: Can I view items I have previously bought ?

A: To view all previous order and baskets, please ensure you are logged in to your account. Once you have logged in, click on the 'Your account’ button. From...Read more

Q: How do I change my personal details?

A: Log into your account  Click "My Account" in the top right hand corner Then click the "Personal Details" button underneath your...Read more

Q: Why do I have to register to access www.cooksongold.com ?

A: Registering on our site allows you to fully access our on-line shop, view full details of all our products including prices, stock information and place...Read more