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Q: What is your return policy on 3D Printed items?

A: We do not offer returns for personalised items as per our terms and conditions....Read more

Q: What hallmarking methods are applied on 3D Printed items?

A: There are two different types of hallmark that can be applied to the design. Struck Mark Laser Mark Made with a punch and creates an impression in the...Read more

Q: Can a mould of my 3D printed design be created?

A: We do not create or sell or store moulds for your designs....Read more

Q: Can I cancel my 3D Printed Order?

A: Orders unfortunately cannot be cancelled once you have confirmed and placed card details at checkout....Read more

Q: If my design isn't suited to 3D Printing, when will I find out?

A: We aim to provide feedback to you within 24 hours via email and the order for the 3D printed part will be cancelled....Read more

Q: What will the hallmark consist of on 3D Printed items?

A: Currently we offer a hallmark that consists of the following: Cooksonsgold’s sponsor mark ‘CPM’ Common Control mark Fineness mark Assay...Read more

Q: What machine do you use for printing 3D Printed items?

A: The majority of items will be printed via a 3D Systems ProJet 2500W....Read more

Q: Can I check the status of my 3D Printed order?

A: E-mail confirmation will be sent once your design has been authorised and another e-mail once your design has been dispatched....Read more

Q: Can I place my 3D Printed order offline?

A: Currently, all orders can only be placed via our portal online....Read more

Q: Can you 3D Print earring posts?

A: No we do not. When designing earrings please do not include posts as these cannot be printed. The length and diameter can create issues. We do offer posts...Read more

Q: How will I receive my 3D Printed product?

A: You will receive your product unfinished. There will be remnants of the sprue attached which can be filed down....Read more

Q: When will I be charged?

A: Card details will be taken at checkout. However payment is taken once your design has been printed due to the variance in cost. This is due to the weight...Read more

Q: What sizes are the hallmarks on 3D Printed items?

A: Sizes will depend on the piece and will be determined by our hallmarking specialists....Read more

Q: What if I want to add my own hallmark to a 3D Printed item?

A: If you would prefer to use your own sponsor mark we would recommend that you do not select hallmark as an option and once you receive the piece, send it...Read more

Q: How do you design with polishing in mind?

A: Any finish applied is done by removing a layer of metal from the piece until its surface becomes more even. This can result in a rounding of sharp edges,...Read more

Q: What technology do you use to 3D print?

A: Our printing service uses high quality, high resolution 3D resin printing for lost wax casting....Read more

Q: Are 3D Printed items supplied finished?

A: Yes we have 4 finishing options on all 3D print and cast parts. Unfinished – we supply the part ready for you to finish yourself, the part would...Read more

Q: Can I choose where my hallmark will be on 3D Printed items?

A: Our hallmarking specialists will select the best place for the hallmark to be placed. If you require precise locations/sizes/styles we would advise you to...Read more