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How do I solder three rings together?

To solder three rings together, we would advise that you first of all start off by binding the first two rings together. You can do this by using thin binding wire, an example would be either the stainless steel binding wire 0.3mm, product code 998 101A or the iron binding wire 0.37mm, product code 998 101
To solder the first joint, you should start off with a hard solder, you will need to try and place the solder in between the seams. We would also recommend that you use a soldering flux to assist with the soldering, such as the auflux soldering fluid, product code 998 108 for 250ml bottle. 
To add the third wedding band, you will need to follow the same technique, of binding the rings together using binding wire. You will need to use medium solder instead of hard, this is because the melting temperature of the medium solder is lower then the hard solder and so you will not ruin the first solder joint. 
Once this has been done, if you have any gaps between the joints, it would be best to use easy solder. 
As this is a difficult technique, we would advise that you practice on three silver wedding bands first.