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Q: How can I reduce the size of a ring?

A: We sell a small range of ring reducer clipsthat can be clipped to the inside of rings to ensure a tighter grip. Please note that ring reducer clips are a...Read more

Q: What type of solder do I use on silver wire, 1.5mm thickness when making a ring?

A: We recommend that you use medium solder. Our best seller is our Medium Silver Solder Strip, 1.5mm X 0.70mm, 600mm Lengths, Weight Per Strip 6g. If...Read more

Q: What is the Palladium content of your 18ct White Wedding Rings?

A: The palladium content in our 18ct white wedding bands is 13.9%. ...Read more

Q: Do you still stock concave wedding bands?

A: Regrettably we do not stock Concave Wedding Ring Blanks anymore, however we are able to manufacture them for you.  Contact us via email or over the...Read more

Q: How do I solder three rings together?

A: To solder three rings together, we would advise that you first of all start off by binding the first two rings together. You can do this by using thin...Read more

Q: Do you stock 22ct wedding rings?

A: 22ct Wedding rings are no longer held in stock, but are available as a manufactured order from our "Capability range" - offering a further 50,000...Read more

Q: Why after applying heat onto my gemset silver ring, have they both changed colour?

A: If you are using sterling silver, this is an alloy that contains 92.5% silver and copper. If heated to a temperature of 650ºC, in air; the copper...Read more

Q: Can Cooksongold produce larger widths for example 10m and 12mm?

A: Cooksons ex-stock wedding ring range is the widest in the UK, and offers over 3,000 different combinations of shape, size and weight. Large widths such as...Read more

Q: How do Cookson manufacture their wedding rings blanks?

A: Cooksons wedding rings are all produced from state of the art CNC technology. This technology enables Cooksons rings to be produced to exacting standards,...Read more

Q: Why does Cooksongold not stock 7mm wedding rings?

A: 7mm is a more unusual request and therefore is not held in stock, however it is available as a manufactured order from our "Capability Range" -...Read more

Q: Do Cooksongold stock unhallmarked wedding ring blanks?

A: We do not stock unhallmarked rings but are able to make them to order in a range of different alloys, weights and wall thickness. To get a quote...Read more

Q: Are Cooksongold wedding ring blanks the same wall thickness throughout the range?

A: The Cooksongold range of wedding ring blanks all differ in wall thickness. Please see individual product pages or view our selections by category below:...Read more

Q: What is the wall thickness of the rings in the Cooksongold range?

A: ShapeLightMediumHeavy Court1.4 - 1.71.7 - 2.02.0 - 2.5 D Shape1.0 - 1.31.4 - 1.71.8 - 2.1 FlatN/A1.0 - 1.31.5 - 1.8 Easy FitN/A1.6 - 1.91.9 - 2.4 HaloN/AN/...Read more

Q: Has the profile of Cooksons court wedding rings changed?

A: The court profile that Cookson produce has been in use for almost 5 years. The court section has a domed profile with a domed interior. ...Read more

Q: Are Cooksongold wedding ring blanks the same weight throughout the range?

A: Cooksongold range of wedding ring blanks are all different weights throughout the range, this means that all the ladies sizes are one weight and the gents...Read more