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What grade is this radial abrasive disc?

Grades of Radial Discs
Wheels are helpfully colour coded to identify grit. There are two different ranges for 25mm and 19mm radials.
36g – (Brown) Coarsest- for the most aggressive cut.
50g – (Dark Green) Very Coarse for rapid scratch and burr removal
80g – (Yellow) Coarse for rapid scratch removal, very good for firescale removal on silver. Leaves a satin finish.
120g - (White) Coarse for scratch removal.
220g - (Red) Medium for light scratch removal
400g - (Blue) Fine for pre polishing
Pumice - (Pink) For very light scratch removal and deburring. Good for threads.
6 Micron - (Peach/Orange) Gloss finishing
1 Micron - (Light Green) High Gloss finishing, leaves an excellent polished finish