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Q: Do your products contain nickel?

A: All our findings* comply with the European Union REACH Regulation (Item 27 of Annex XVI) formerly known as the European Union Nickel...Read more

Q: Can I buy just one jump ring?

A: Yes, but you will need to do a little bit of maths as you order jump rings by weight in grams. Almost all our jump rings are named to show the weight of 10...Read more

Q: Is your Sterling Silver nickel free?

A: While we are unable to guarantee that our sterling silver products are 100% nickel free, we can advise that our products meet the regulation on nickel...Read more

Q: Why don't you sell soldered jump rings?

A: Our experience is that the majority of jewellers don't require soldered jump rings and prefer the flexibility that the open jump rings allow. ...Read more

Q: How do you polish frosted beads?

A: To polish frosted beads use lukewarm water, washing up liquid and a soft toothbrush. ...Read more

Q: What scrolls do I need for your ear pins.

A: Around 98% of our ear pins and scrolls are designed to go together as they are 0.8mm in diameter. For exceptions, please see the Questions and Answers on...Read more

Q: I was wondering if you have cufflink blanks?

A: Yes we do, you can view the full range here. ...Read more

Q: Do you stock slider clasps?

A: Yes, you can view them here.  ...Read more

Q: Do you supply 22ct earring posts?

A: Unfortunately, we don't. The highest carat that we stock for earring posts would be the 18ct Yellow Gold posts that can be found here. We also stock 18...Read more

Q: Does the length stated online of the triggers and lobsters catches include the ring?

A: No, the measurement is the length of the actual catch. ...Read more