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How do you fire Precious Metal Clay 3 with a Torch?

PMC3 will achieve full strength after only a few minutes of firing, and using is a torch is a practical and low cost solution, and ideal for smaller items.
Ensure you piece is placed on suitable firing surface (e.g. soldering block), heat evenly and the binder will 1st burn off. After a few minutes the PMC piece will start to glow orange. This is when you start timing the sintering process Use your watch or clock to time two minutes. Keeps the torch moving and do not get the piece too hot or it will start to melt and bubble.
The best way to increase strength is not longer firing but making the piece thicker - recommended times:
1650°F for 3 minutes, or 1290°F for at least 10 minutes, or 1200°F for at least 210 minutes, or 1110°F for at least 45 minutes.