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What are the benefits of Precious Metal Clay 3?

Precious Metal Clay 3 (PMC3) and its reformulated properties have created the most user friendly clay to date, with a texture that is easy to use, and one which can be fired easily by either torch or within a Kiln.
PMC 3 is recommended for anyone starting to work with PMC. It shrinks only around 6 per cent, and it is the most durable of all the PMC types - ideally suitable for creating rings. PMC3 is also the best for using with glass, and has the best luster of the three types of PMC.
PMC3 fires at a low temperature,  and can be torch fired in 2 minutes.  When torch firing remember to time the two minutes from the time the piece starts to glow. Ideally pieces should be no larger or thicker than a 50 pence piece.
PMC 3 is available in lump clay, syringe and paste. As the silver particles in this clay are the most dense of the range, it can also be used for carrying out repairs on any type of fired PMC.