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Q: How hard wearing is your coloured enamelled wire? Can I mix it with silver wire?

A: It depends on the how you have used the enamel wire in your design and how often the finished piece will be worn.   If it is mainly enamel wire and...Read more

Q: What is PMC Aqua?

A: PMC Aqua is the perfect solution for rehydrating any type of PMC as it restores the clay to its optimal pliability. It even works perfectly to recover...Read more

Q: What is the difference between all your kilns?

A: PrometheusPrometheusPrometheusPrometheus Pro-1 Mini Electric KilnPro-1 Mini Electric Kiln Metal Clay PresetPro-1 PRG Mini Electric KilnPro-7 PRG Mini...Read more

Q: What is PMC Clay?

A: PMC (or Precious Metal Clay) was developed by Mitsubishi of Japan in the 1990s. It is a patented mixture of of microscopic particles of silver mixed with...Read more

Q: Do you have any additional information on cold epoxy enamelling?

A: You can download some more information below: ...Read more

Q: How do you remove Efcolor enamel?

A: Unfortunately, we only sell a product which is designed to remove an entire enamel layer, rather than sections of a design, and regrettably this is not...Read more

Q: How do I finish my Precious Metal Clay Piece?

A: Matt Finish Use a stainless steel brush to smooth the surface and achieve a matt finish. Use a bail brush to get inside your bails and small areas, and a...Read more

Q: How do you fire Precious Metal Clay 3 with a Torch?

A: PMC3 will achieve full strength after only a few minutes of firing, and using is a torch is a practical and low cost solution, and ideal for smaller items....Read more

Q: How do you fire Precious Metal Clay 3 with a Kiln?

A: Firing your PMC3 in a Kiln gives you the greatest control. Allowing you to fire multiple pieces, and with programmable kilns provides you with complete...Read more

Q: What are the benefits of Precious Metal Clay 3?

A: Precious Metal Clay 3 (PMC3) and its reformulated properties have created the most user friendly clay to date, with a texture that is easy to use, and one...Read more