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Q: What type of solder do I use on silver wire, 1.5mm thickness when making a ring?

A: We recommend that you use medium solder. Our best seller is our Medium Silver Solder Strip, 1.5mm X 0.70mm, 600mm Lengths, Weight Per Strip 6g. If...Read more

Q: What is Ecosilver?

A: Cooksongold Ecosilver is a green alternative to sterling silver. Made of 100% recycled and scrap silver products, Cooksongold Ecosilver can be both...Read more

Q: What is wire gauge?

A: Wire gauge is a measuring system to denote the diameter (thickness) of wire. The system goes from 0000 through to 40. The larger the wire gauge number,...Read more

Q: How do I prepare silver for enamelling?

A: There are some basic techniques that should be followed to prepare silver for enamelling, namely it needs to be de-greased and de-oxidised. To de-grease...Read more

Q: What thickness wire do I need to make jump rings?

A: The most popular wire thickness for jump rings is 0.8mm. Half hard or hard is the ideal temper to use.  ...Read more

Q: How strong is silver plated wire?

A: The strength of plated wire will depend on what the silver is plated on. The strength of the silver plated item would also depend on what condition the...Read more

Q: What is the difference between hard and soft wire?

A: Soft wire is fully annealed and more malleable, ideal when you want to manipulate or form a design. It is often used when creating more detailed or...Read more

Q: What is the length of wire required for womens bangle?

A: The average length of wire for a womens bangle is 7.5 inches. ...Read more