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Most Asked Questions

Q: How do I return an item?

A: COOKSONGOLD FREE 180 DAY RETURNS Returns with Royal Mail Printerless Returns You can now create return labels, even without a printer! ...Read More

Q: Do you have a minimum processing charge?

A: We don’t have any mimimum charges for processing hallmarked items. For anything that requires a melt and assay then our minimum quantites and...Read More

Q: What are your terms and conditions?

A: Business Customers and ConsumersSome of these terms apply to consumers only; some apply to business customers only. Those terms are marked as such.All...Read More

Q: How do I trade in my scrap?

A: To ensure your scrap is safely returned to us we have four methods of collection :  Add one of our FREE scrap pots or scrap bags, then simply post it...Read More

Q: How do you charge for scrap services?

A: Our charges vary based on: Quantity of materials supplied The assay type - make up of gold, silver, platinum etc. The processes we have to useFor further...Read More

Q: What is your email address?

A: Our email address for any queries you may have is info@cooksongold.com ...Read More