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What are your terms and conditions?

Business Customers and ConsumersSome of these terms apply to consumers only; some apply to business customers only. Those terms are marked as such.All...Read more

How do I unsubscribe?

If you have given us consent, we'll send you marketing messages by email, text and post to keep you aware of what we're up to and to help you see...Read more

What are the contact details of your data controller?

You can contact our data controller via dpo@cooksongold.com or by sending a letter to:   Data Controller Cooksongold, 59-83 Vittoria Street,...Read more

If I opt out will that stop all emails & SMS?

Please note you can only opt out of marketing communications. By stopping marketing messages you will not stop service communications (such as order...Read more

What is your Privacy Policy?

You can view our privacy policy by clicking here ...Read more

What is your cookie policy?

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages, which we use to keep track of what you have in your basket and...Read more

What are cookies?

Cookies are pieces of computer code that allow small amounts of information to be passed from your internet browser to our web server. They allow websites...Read more

How do I maintain cookies?

To make it easier for you to understand the way a website uses cookies, we have grouped them into easy to understand categories. The information is...Read more

How do ask for my personal data to be deleted?

Email your request to info@cooksongold.com ...Read more

How do I request my personal data?

Email your request to info@cooksongold.com ...Read more

I live outside the UK, how do Cooksongold protect my data?

By using our services or providing your personal data to us, you are expressly consenting to the processing of your personal data by us or on our behalf....Read more

How long do we keep your personal data?

We'll hold on to your information for as long as you have your account, or as long as is needed to be able to provide the services to you, or (in the...Read more

How do I subscribe?

If you have an account you can subscribe to our emails through the contact preferences area, If you do not have an account with us you can sign...Read more

Who do Cooksongold share personal data with?

We sometimes share your personal data with trusted third parties. For example, delivery couriers so they can let you know when your order will be...Read more

How do I update my contact preferences?

If you have given us consent, we’ll send you marketing messages by email, text and post to keep you aware of what we’re up to including our...Read more

What is your privacy policy?

At Cooksongold, we are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and site visitors. Our Privacy Policy explains in detail the...Read more

Do you use third-party cookies?

Some cookies present on Cooksongold are used with our marketing partners to present you with appropriate offers and advertising as you browse other sites...Read more

How does cooksongold.com protect customer information ?

We are committed to protecting our customer's privacy and we know how much data security means to all our customers. With this in mind, we treat your...Read more

What personal information do we collect and how do we use use it ?

You can find this information in section 3 of our Privacy Policy here. Data   How we use this data   Why?   Name/Contact DetailsDeliver...Read more