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How do I use ImpressArt stamps?

How can I polish Pewter?

You can use jewellers Rouge to achieve a similar shine to that of Sterling Silver. We don’t recommend cleaning Pewter with silver polish as this...Read more

Does Pewter contain Lead?

ImpressArt Pewter blanks are Lead, Nickel and Cadmium free. ...Read more

How can I achieve a satin finish on Pewter?

You can use a paste of pumice powder and water with a soft brush, or scotchbrite with warm soap and water. ...Read more

Does Pewter tarnish?

Yes, but not in the same way as Silver tarnishes. Pewter will develop a soft patina if left, however its original finish can be restored by washing with...Read more

What tools do I need to solder Pewter?

We would advise not to soldering ImpressArt Pewter blanks as they have a lower melting temperature than even extra easy solder. Pewter blanks are lighter...Read more

At what temperature does Pewter melt?

Pewter begins to soften at around 240°C and becomes fully molten at around 295°C. ...Read more

What is Pewter?

Pewter is an alloy comprised predominantly of Tin (92-95%), the remainder is usually made up of Copper and Antimony.  ...Read more

How do I get my letters to line up straight when I’m stamping a word out?

We recommend using Stamp Straight tape to help line up your letters. Using the top edge of the tape as your guide, apply it to your stamping surfaceNow...Read more

How does the Impressart Simple Strike Jig work?

You can see the main points of this product in the video below: ...Read more