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Why do I have to use different tweezers when using pickle and soldering?

If you use ferrous metal tweezers in pickle the copper oxides in the pickle will become suspended in the solution. This can cause your pieces to be...Read more

What saw blades would you use to cut 1mm sheet?

For 1 mm thick sheet metal we would recommend the following Saw Blades: Grade 4 - 1 mm to 1.3 mm Grade 3 - 0.90 mm to 1.2 mm Grade 2 - 0.90 mm to 1.1 mm...Read more

Do you have any additional information for the Heimerle And Meule Rhodium Plating Bath White Star?

You can download some more information below:   ...Read more

What are the advantages of soldering with Titanium Tweezers?

As well as being lighter than the steel ones, the hardness of Titanium means they will keep their points for longer.   Titanium tweezers do not shed...Read more

How much shot should I use in a 2lb barrrel machine?

We would advise approximately 500g in a 2lb barrel machine   ...Read more

What is the difference between engravers pitch and chasers pitch?

Engravers pitch    - Harder, non brittle pitch - Modern alternative to the black pitch as it's much less toxic - It provides a strong, firm...Read more

What's the difference between Flush cutters and Double Flush cutters?

The Flush Cutters will cut up to 14 gauge soft wire, where as the Double Flush Cutters will cut up to 16 gauge wire which is half hard, or up to 12 gauge...Read more

What temperature does Sievert Professional Torch Kit achieve?

This torch will reach temperatures of up to 1900oC ...Read more

Which watch batteries do I need?

You can download the watch battery cross reference chart below: ...Read more

Which tweezers should I use with pickling materials?

When using pickle the key items to avoid are steel tweezers and iron binding wire, both can react with your work and turn it pink.    The best...Read more

Does the thickness of metal determine the size of piercing blade?

When selecting a blade consider that the thicker the sheet, the thicker the blade.   If the blade is too thick for the metal it will just "...Read more

What burrs should i be using in stone setting?

For Flush Settings you need to use a Setting Burr or Ball Burr the same width or just smaller then your stone.  ...Read more

Do you stock Jewellers Cement?

Setters Cement is also known as Jewellers Cement, this cement is used for setting stones.    We stock Setters Pitch Sticks Box of 10 ...Read more

How do you remove oxidisation and tarnish?

The following pickling units are suitable for removing oxidisation and tarnish   Cookson product code -  999 AFD 999 87H 999 87I 999 87J ...Read more

How do polishers work?

Polishing can be complted by hand or by machine. However, in either case there are a few standard stages that are usually followed. You can achieve a...Read more

What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a method of creating objects through additive means. Many different forms of 3D printing exist today, but the 3D Idea Builder utilizes...Read more

Do you have any additional information for the Heimerle And Meule Electroplating and Systems?

You can download some more information below: ...Read more

Do you have any additional information for the Silver Anti Tarnish Solution Crfs By Heimerle Meule?

You can download some more information below:   ...Read more

What grade is this radial abrasive disc?

Grades of Radial Discs   Wheels are helpfully colour coded to identify grit. There are two different ranges for 25mm and 19mm radials.   36g...Read more

What product do I use with lacquer copper to prevent it from going dark?

Below is a link to sealer which prevents Oxidisation: http://www.cooksongold.com/Enamelling/Vintaj-Metal-Sealer-And-Patina-----Extender-Glaze-2oz-prcode-86...Read more

What oil would you recommend as a lubricant on barrel polishing machines?

We would recommend the 3 in 1 Oil (998 019)   View Now     ...Read more

Do you have any additional information for the Heimerle And Meule Gold Pen Plating Solution 204-s, Yellow?

You can download some more information below: ...Read more

How do you convert a Bench Grinder to a Polisher?

You can download the instructions below: ...Read more

Does the Smiths Little Torch work with natural gas?

The Little Torch is a miniature welding Torch which can be fueled by Butane, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Natural Gas or Propane.  ...Read more

Do you have to fill the hand torch with gas before use ?

The torch is supplied empty and should be filled with butane lighter fuel before the first use. ...Read more

What’s the difference between the rawhide mallet and a metal hammer?

A rawhide mallet causes less damage to the work piece and is less noisy. A metal hammer will move and stretch the metal further than a rawhide so use a...Read more

How do you clean jewellery containing tanzanite?

Tanzanite stones are very soft (about 6 1/2 on the Mohs scale) and care should be taken when cleaning the stone as it can chip and break easily. To clean,...Read more

How do I change the rollers on the Medium Duty Ring stretcher?

To change the rollers on the ring stretcher, you will need to: Match the shank width of the ring to one of the rollers in the boxFix the matching roller...Read more

Do I need to put flux into a scorifier?

We recommend that you coat the scorifier with some borax paste (flux).   To make the paste you will need to use a borax dish, (code 999...Read more

Does the 3m Half Mask Facepiece Respirator include the actual filters?

The Respirator comes supplied with two filters, although we do also stock replacement filters ...Read more

Can I use an Ultrasonic cleaner to clean beaded jewellery?

An ultrasonic cleaner is not recommended for cleaning beaded jewellery if the beads are porous or strung on silk or nylon thread   We would suggest...Read more

Are there any accessories for Barreling units?

Barrelling units available from Cooksongold Single Barrelling unit 999 001Double Barrelling unit 999 002  Accessories Barrelling...Read more

Why doesn't my barreling unit work?

The barreling units use a drive belt to power the unit, and this can become dislodged   To check, simply remove the cover, and ensure that the drive...Read more

What is the temperature of water needed for the Ultra 7000 Mini Ultrasonic?

The temperature of water needed for the mini ultrasonic cleaner is between 40 and 50 degrees. ...Read more

What are the advantages of using cement sticks over the blocks?

Just a matter of preference. The stick is easier to use if only a small quantity is needed.The block has to be broken into smaller pieces before softening....Read more

What solder should I use when soldering 9ct Yellow to Silver, and what flux should I use?

When soldering 9ct to silver you can use either silver or 9ct solder. However if the item is to be hallmarked you must bare in mind the solder must be of...Read more

What is the difference between sulphuric acid and pickle powder?

Sulphuric acid is used for etching and in various anodising procedures. Safety pickle is safer material but needs to be heated. Whereas sulphuric acid can...Read more

How do you store safety pickle?

It's recommend that you should store chemicals out of direct sunlight, away from heat sources in a safe enclosed environment, normally in a glass or...Read more

What is the strongest optivisor?

The strongest optivisor is Optivisor 3.5x No10, giving 3.5 x magnification. Order this item today Optivisor 3.5x No10 Code 999 234 View NowSpare Lens...Read more