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What scrolls do I need for your ear pins.

Around 98% of our ear pins and scrolls are designed to go together as they are 0.8mm in diameter. For exceptions, please see the Questions and Answers on...Read more

Do you stock slider clasps?

Yes, you can view them here.  ...Read more

I was wondering if you have cufflink blanks?

Yes we do, you can view the full range here. ...Read more

Can I buy just one jump ring?

Yes, but you will need to do a little bit of maths as you order jump rings by weight in grams. Almost all our jump rings are named to show the weight of 10...Read more

Do you supply 22ct earring posts?

Unfortunately, we don't. The highest carat that we stock for earring posts would be the 18ct Yellow Gold posts that can be found here. We also stock 18...Read more

Does the length stated online of the triggers and lobsters catches include the ring?

No, the measurement is the length of the actual catch. ...Read more

Why don't you sell soldered jump rings?

Our experience is that the majority of jewellers don't require soldered jump rings and prefer the flexibility that the open jump rings allow. ...Read more