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How do you fit chain into chain ends?

The best and strongest method is to solder - using hard solder will provide extra strength. ...Read more

What does diamond cut mean?

When a chain is diamond cut, this means it has undergone a production process whereby diamond tipped precision cutting tools are used to create fine sharp...Read more

What is the longest chain length that you sell?

The longest finished chain we stock is 24" however we do supply loose chain which can be cut to a length you require.  ...Read more

What fittings do I use for ball chains?

Cooksongold provide specific chain ends for ball/snake chain, if you can't find the size you require, try making your own out of tubing. ...Read more

What are the standard lengths of chains for bracelets?

Bracelet: Baby      4"Child      5 - 6"Adult       7.5" - 8"...Read more

What do the code numbers that precede a style of chain mean?

The code numbers that precede the chain relate to the size of the chain. For example: 12/18 Trace- 12 = gauge wire in inches (0.012) 18 = links per inch 18...Read more