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How do I prepare silver for enamelling?

There are some basic techniques that should be followed to prepare silver for enamelling, namely it needs to be de-greased and de-oxidised. To de-grease...Read more

What is Ecosilver?

Cooksongold Ecosilver is a green alternative to sterling silver. Made of 100% recycled and scrap silver products, Cooksongold Ecosilver can be both...Read more

What is wire gauge?

Wire gauge is a measuring system to denote the diameter (thickness) of wire. The system goes from 0000 through to 40. The larger the wire gauge number,...Read more

What thickness wire do I need to make jump rings?

The most popular wire thickness for jump rings is 0.8mm. Half hard or hard is the ideal temper to use.  ...Read more

What type of solder do I use on silver wire, 1.5mm thickness when making a ring?

We recommend that you use medium solder. Our best seller is our Medium Silver Solder Strip, 1.5mm X 0.70mm, 600mm Lengths, Weight Per Strip 6g. If...Read more

How strong is silver plated wire?

The strength of plated wire will depend on what the silver is plated on. The strength of the silver plated item would also depend on what condition the...Read more

What is the length of wire required for womens bangle?

The average length of wire for a womens bangle is 7.5 inches. ...Read more