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How do I return an item?

You can return items to Cooksongold FREE OF CHARGE We know that for one reason or another there may be a time where you will need to return or exchange...

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How do I return faulty items?

For items that have been received faulty/ developed a fault, in the first instance, contact our customer service team on either 0345 100 1122 or 0121 200 2...

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Do you deliver internationally?

We welcome orders from all over the world, and have customers in over 50 countries. Our delivery methods to International countries include: NEW Global...

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Can I exchange an item?

If you are returning an item within 30 days and would like an exchange, then the following process will apply: You will need to return the item with a...

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What is the difference between hard and soft wire?

Soft wire is fully annealed and more malleable, ideal when you want to manipulate or form a design. It is often used when creating more detailed or...

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What are your terms and conditions?

Business Customers and ConsumersSome of these terms apply to consumers only; some apply to business customers only. Those terms are marked as such.All...

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